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Image result for dayle gallagher boxingThe subject of this interview is Dayle Gallagher, who is proving to be one of the most exciting young prospects to emerge on the Merseyside boxing scene over the past few years.

On Friday March 3rd Dayle is set to compete in his toughest fight to date, a six rounder at the Hanger 34 Club in Liverpool, against Belfast’s Michael Kelly, a proven Championship campaigner, who in the past year or so has fought France’s Mohamed Larabi for the WBF International title and more recently Scotland’s Lee McAllister for the WBF Inter-Continental belt, as well as competed on huge televised events in Russia and Sweden.

Unbeaten in four outings to date, two by early stoppages, against Alekseis Nikitenko, in May 2015 and Jak Johnson in December 2016, and two by solid points decision, Marty Kayes in April 2016 and Phil Townley in June the same year, Dayle has already caught the eye of some of the biggest names in the sport, including two time World Champion Amir Khan.

In fact courtesy of Mr Khan and his team, Dayle firmly earned his place in the History books of the sport, as the very first winner of a Professional Boxing contest in Pakistan, following his excellent win over Belfast’s Phil Townley back in June last year.

More on that later, as right now I think its time to get on with the interview.


Thank you for talking with me today Dayle, whilst obviously this interview is regarding your professional career, especially the upcoming fight against Michael Kelly on March 3rd, I would like to start the interview off with you telling the readers a little about your non-professional boxing, especially your amateur career, which I have understand started out with a victory over one of the top guys in the division at that t


I started boxing at the age of 14, after training for over a year I had a few inter-club events before having my first amateur bout which was on short notice to represent Liverpool my home city, which was against the Welsh number one at the time in his home city Wrexham.

I always remember my coach saying no one wants to fight this lad so go knock him out, and in the second round after putting him down twice already the referee had no choice to stop it.

I was told by numerous of people I had a bright future in the sport but my focus at the time was to become a professional football player which ended in a real bad injury and after 18 months of physio and rehabilitation on my injury.

I finally got back into boxing for fitness and immediately fell back in love with the sport, after just a few months of training I took a white-collar fight in Newcastle.

After winning that I got loads of good feedback and realised I need to start taking this serious and see how far I can go in the sport, I won Northern area, British and European titles on the unlicensed scene then realised I need to turn to the professional side of the game.


Your pro career got off to a flying start, with a stoppage victory over Latvian Aleksejs Nikitenko, firstly how did it feel boxing in the professional ranks for the first time and secondly can you give your view of the fight please


Even though I had been in the ring plenty of times before, my professional debut had me more nervous then any other fight, but the feeling couldn't of been better.

The fight didn't last long about 1 minute I think before the referee had to interfere and call a halt to the fight which led to my first win in the professional ranks and is a day I will never forget.


It was almost a year before you were back in the ring, against Marty Kayes back in April last year, but even with such a long time between fights you were in top form, beating Marty on points. How did you manage to keep motivated during this time and again please give the readers your view of the fight?


It was very hard because I was going through a lot of complications with my promoter at the time and couldn't fight and I thought I might never fight again, but after a long period out, my brother helped me and got me a fight.

I knew a lot about Marty and knew it wouldn't be easy knowing how experienced he was, but I wanted to show everyone that even with all this time out how good I can be and got the win and felt like I'd never had time out of the ring.


Your next fight, against Phil Townley, came just a few months later and what’s more was overseas on an historic event, the first Pro Boxing event ever to take place in Pakistan. Can you please tell the readers firstly how this came about and also tell the readers not just about the fight but also the whole experience


I didn't really believe it was true when I first found out about Pakistan. I had just come back from my holiday and next minute am on the phone to Amir Khan’s uncle about a possible fight in Pakistan.

Even though I knew I wasn't at my fittest or at my preferred weight I couldn't miss out on the opportunity so I stepped up two weight classes just for the opportunity.

Within a couple of hours of the fight getting offered to me I was in Bolton at the Amir Khan Academy filling out all my paper work and my visa and literally three days later was on a plane going to fight in Pakistan.

On arriving in Pakistan I was treated like royalty, my bags where collected and carried for me. I was greeted by the Pakistan Army and Police and escorted to my hotel.

I could never thank the people enough from Pakistan on how they made my time there so welcome, it's a great country with great people even when I fought they where screaming my name, so much so that I thought I was back in Liverpool with a home crowd.

It was one of my most amazing experiences of my life and one that I will have for the rest of my life as I made history as the very first professional boxer to fight and win on Pakistan soil.


Your fourth fight, against Jak Johnson back in December and on home turf once more, was both dramatic and I would expect anti-climatic for you. I was there so know all that occurred but could you enlighten the readers about the dramas that unfolded that night from your view please?


If you've seen the whole fight it looks like I wasn't too happy at the end but that's because am a fighter and all I want to do is fight.

I trained so hard and felt in the best shape of my life so when the fight was over In 30 seconds it annoyed me but that's just something I have to deal with its boxing and fights can be over with one shot

After watching it back I was happy with my performance and I'm blessed with punching power that can pop someone's shoulder out of its socket with one shot.


On the 3rd March you’ll be in action once more at the Hanger 34 in Liverpool, where you are due to face Ireland’s Michael Kelly. Do you know much about Michael and his fighting style and also how do you see this fight panning out?


I know about the people he's fought and what he's achieved I know it will be a tough fight but that's why my team and me asked for the fight

I don't watch my opponents on old fights because they could turn up an box a completely different fight so I like to figure them out when am in there.

I think it will be an entertaining fight for people to watch, but I see it ending with a knockout, if I hit anybody at welterweight with one of my power shots in eight-ounce gloves I will be shocked to see anybody still standing there in front of me.


So out of the fights you’ve had to date, whether pro or not, which has been your favourite and why


My favourite has to be Pakistan making history and challenging myself, it was a big risk stepping up two weight divisions but I like a challenge and this is why I'm in this fight game, and also boxing in front of two time World Champion Amir Khan and getting great feedback from him, you can't ask for anything better than that


How would you describe your fighting style


My fighting style I believe is different to the average British style boxer which I think makes me stand out more, I'm a counter fighter with power, I’m a southpaw and I know I can be a nightmare for any boxer out there on the boxing circuit


Should you be successful on the 3rd March, you will be unbeaten in five, whilst perhaps it’s still a bit early to be thinking of Championship accolades, I’m sure that you must have been thinking about opportunities like that already, as such could you please outline your future plans for the readers


I'm in the sport to win titles, it's a dream of mine that I know I can achieve and when the opportunity comes I will take it.

I will keep climbing the ladder winning fights and when my team think the time is right, I will get my title shot and I will become Champion.


I’m sure you must have been an avid watcher of pro boxing even as a youngster, as such my next question is which fighters, past or present, have had the most influence on you and your career?


Growing up from a young age I used to watch videos of Roy Jones Jr, I love his cockiness and confidence.

I always wanted to be an entertainer and give people the feeling I had when watching him.

My favourite fighters that I like to watch a lot of now is Floyd Mayweather, Adrian Broner, Chris Eubank Jr and Errol Spence Jr, these are the type of fighters I like to take a lot from and try to make into my own style.


Moving away from the fights etc., who are the main people that make up Team Gallagher


Even though I'm the one who gets in there to fight I couldn't do it without my team, from my brother Kyle who prepares me for every fight, to all my teammates at engine room.

It’s not just my team though; my sponsors also help me to get ready for fight night, Goodness Grill, who prepares my food, which help me with my diets. Spartan Dynamic who train me for my strength and conditioning and get me in great shape and make me feel stronger than ever

James Harris who helps me with everything behind the scenes like interviews

My friends my family and my girlfriend these all help me behind the scenes when I'm moody from weight cutting and preparing for fight night

But the most important people on my team are the people who believe in my dream and buy tickets off me for my fights, because what a lot of people don't realise without ticket sales fights can't happen and I will always be thankful to every last person who buys a ticket from me


Where do you train and what is your training schedule


I train in Engine Room Boxing Club, Sports Direct Fitness and Spartan Dynamic, my normal routine for fight night is 6am I wake up have a banana then straight to Sports Direct Fitness for my running.

I like to get between 4-6 miles in every morning then I will do a bit of bag work and get a sauna, then I will go home and rest then at 10:30am depending on which day Monday, Wednesday, Friday I will be at Engine Room until at least Midday working on my boxing.

Tuesday and Thursday I will be at Spartan Dynamic until Midday working on my strength and conditioning, then I will go and pick up freshly prepared meals from Goodness Grill and then have work from 2:30pm until 9:30pm.

It's a hard routine to maintain but for my dream it's all worth it.


What would you say your favourite part of training is


I don't really have a favourite part of training; my favourite part is probably getting told I'm finished because it's really hard work

It’s an addiction training that I couldn't go without, but if I had to choose one thing it would probably be sparring. It's the closest thing to fighting and there's nothing better than landing devastating punches on opponents.


Outside boxing, what is your favourite sport


Outside of boxing my favourite sport is football, I love to watch my team Everton but any game in general I will just watch for entertainment


Besides sport how else do you relax outside boxing?


Boxing is constantly on my brain when I have spare time I watch boxing videos or talk about it to people who don't really care but it's in my blood and I just can't help i


These days Social Media is very much an important tool for professional sports people; do you utilize Social Media to engage with your fans


I find social media is very important these days for professional athletes and I always interact with fans, because anybody who takes time to ask me anything about my career deserves a reply, I'm not a big name in the sport yet so to have people asking me questions about my boxing really means a lot to me.


Finally is there anything you want to say to your fans?


Thank you to everyone who follows my career and believes in me it won't be long until I’m at the top, thank you. Dayle Gallagher versus Michael Kelly headlines the Kyle Gallagher Fight Club Promotions event at Hanger 34 in Liverpool on Friday 3rd March 2017, which will be broadcast on BOOM TV. Tickets are available from boxers competing or call Fight Club Ticket Line 07711 098025.


Interview by Gianluca Di Caro.

Photo: Team Gallaghe






When for Police Chieor boxer ef 'Nipper' Read became BBBOFC Pesident, ably assisted by John Morris as General Secretary, former boxer 'Nipper' recognised the greedy knaves from the true boxing supporters and decided upon a clear-out of the greedy knaves'

The corrupt members of the media tried desperately to retain the status quo corruption in British boxing  but the two NBC people  responsible for the NBC administration provwed too smart for the then dictatorial corrupt group  and at everymajor turn the then BBBofC adminsitrators became losers.

Eventually, the corrupt group

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David Haye faces a hearing at the British Boxing Board of Control [BBBofC] for threatening to "hospitalise" Tony Bellew.

The boxing authority will consider punishing Haye for his threatening comments after his heavyweight fight with British rival Bellew on Saturday.


"We are obviously investigating his comments because it shouldn't have been said," BBBofC secretary Robert Smith told ESPN.

"We [Haye and the Board] will get together after the fight. Saying you are putting people in hospital is totally unacceptable."

Haye, 36, could receive a fine for his comments and measures have been taken to ensure there is no further incident ahead of fight night.

The pair were due to meet at a press event in Liverpool on Monday with a steel fence separating them as a result of the increasing animosity between them.

"It does kind of bring boxing into the gutter a little bit," said promoter Eddie Hearn.

The Board has warned that the heavyweight contest will be called off if there is a repeat of the trouble that erupted at a news conference to announce the bout in November.

Haye, the former world heavyweight and cruiserweight champion, landed a cuffing left hook on Bellew during the scuffle. Haye also said to the Bellew: "Let's see who's around your hospital bed on March 4. His life is on the line."

Despite both being banned, the pair still met in London later that year with boxing licences sanctioned by the Luxembourg Boxing Federation. ~



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For this edition of ‘Up Close and Personal’, the featured boxer is two division World Champion Tasif Khan, who is set to face Ghana’s Ekow Wilson in a non-championship ten round contest on the Saorise Promotions event at the Connaught Rooms in Tasif’s home town of Bradford on Sunday the 26th February 2017.



 WBO Asia Pacific Super-Middleweight Champion Vijender Singh will face the toughest test of his professional career when he makes the maiden defence of his title against former World and current WBF Inter-Continental Champion Francis Cheka in New Delhi on December 17, live and exclusive in the UK on BoxNation.

Singh, 31, has racked up six big knockout wins in seven undefeated outings since turning professional just over a year ago and claimed his first title against Kerry Hope in-front of a 6,000 strong crowd at the Thyagaraj Stadium back in July.

The 2008 Beijing Olympics Bronze Medallist - India's first in boxing - has vowed to retain his Asia Pacific crown when he faces the 34 year-old from Tanzania. Singh insists he feels no pressure being the poster boy of Indian boxing and is predicting another memorable night in New Delhi.

"Cheka is a highly experienced boxer, he has many bouts under his belt but I am the younger, stronger and hungrier fighter," said Singh. "He is coming to my homeland to take what is mine but I won't let this happen. The Thyagaraj Stadium is my patch now and I'm expecting another huge crowd to come and support me.

"I am confident of getting another win, I feel my stance is becoming better with every training session and on top of that I feel more powerful than ever. On December 17 you will all see the results of the hard work and dedication that goes on behind the scenes.

"This is my title and I'll be protecting it with pride. The support that I receive both here in the UK and back home in India is overwhelming. I'll pay back everyone's support and retain my title for the people of India!"

Cheka is a veteran of 43 fights with 32 wins including 17 KO's. In a career spanning just under 17 years he has tested himself against top Super-Middleweight talent including former WBA World Champion Fedor Chudinov and three-time World title challenger Mathew Macklin.

He won the WBF Intercontinental Super-Middleweight crown against Geard Ajetovic via a unanimous decision in February and is determined to spoil the party in New Delhi.

"I am ready to give this kid a lesson of boxing," said Cheka. "I've heard a lot about this Indian boxer and there's a lot of hype around him. I can't wait to be the one to put him in his place and put an end to the hype.

"I have seen his record and he hasn't fought anyone of note yet. I've been in with World level opposition and my experience and class will show on the night. I'm going there fully expecting the win."

BoxNation, the Channel of Champions, will televise this fight on Sky (SD Ch.437 and HD Ch.415), Freeview (Ch.255), Virgin (Ch.546), TalkTalk (Ch.415), online at and via apps (iOS, Android, Amazon).
Go to to see how you can watch this show and more live! ~







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